A Little Language Goes a Long Way

On our “Grand Tour” of Turkey, a 45-day journey by car to its eastern borders when we launched Bluestone Imports in 2010, we stopped in an amazing little town built into caves along the Tigris River called Hasankeyif.  In this ancient settlement, which will soon be flooded by a new dam, we had the most wonderful experience made possible by John’s knowing some Arabic. Read more.
Julie Roller
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Exotic Markets of Turkey

In celebration of our new website marketplace and opening our Warehouse & Showroom in the Old Wrigley Building in west Santa Cruz, we offer you a taste of the markets of Turkey.  Come visit our Showroom and get a taste for yourself!    

All who travel a little “beyond the pale” know one of the great joys of an overseas trip is diving into local markets.  Traveling in Turkey since 2005, we’ve had the pleasure to experience the unique character of lively markets around the country.  From the oriental opulence of the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul to the Middle-Eastern flavored ancient market cities of Antakya and Sanliurfa in Turkey’s southeast, and many smaller markets in between and along the Silk Road, we’ve stepped into windows of living history as these markets still thrive as they have for centuries along the trade routes linking Asia and Europe.  









The Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is the place to go for an aromatic experience as the world’s spices are on display for the nose and the eyes to enjoy. We buy our personal stash of spices, herbs and oils for the year and always buy extra for friends.      

 Delicious array of fresh olives in Spice Market










A fun little Peshtemal store that belongs to friends in one of our favorite places, Goreme, in the Cappadoccia region of Turkey.  Love the mural on the back wall.




Markets are not limited to stores as we can see here from Sanliurfa, the city of Abraham, in the southeast of Turkey near the Syrian border. The man on the right sells lavender blue head scarves right off his motorcycle that both men and women wear in this area of Turkey.

Julie Roller
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Our highly absorbent authentic Turkish peshtemal towels, hand towels and robes dry quickly, get softer with each wash and are incredibly compact. 100% Cotton or Bamboo/Cotton blends. Options range from thin and lightweight to thicker and ultra-soft.

Hello dear Customers.  Santa Cruz county has put a Shelter In Place public health order that requires us all to stay home through April 7th so Bluestone Imports showroom will be closed until then.

We can process online orders and I'm here to answer any questions you have.  Shipping is once per week.

This is a difficult time for all of us. My heart goes out to all who are loosing their livelihoods and to those who have the virus.  Be kind to each other. A huge thanks to medical community who is doing everything in their power to keep us healthy. 

Stay well and hope to see you in April!

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