Kese Set - Spa Exfoliating Mitt Set (3)

Set of 3 for Body, Back & Face, includes white or black body mitt, natural silk facial Kese, and back Kese.
Direct from the Turkish bath, Hamam, these effective Keses remove dirt from pores and exfoliate the buildup of dead skin.  Keses deliver an invigorating massage that increases circulation and noticeably improves the look and health of your skin for a baby-soft feel.  Personal experience has shown to lighten aging dark spots and remove benign crusty skin tags over time.
To Use:  Use Keses twice weekly to control dry and flakey skin.  Wash your body with Argan Soap, rinse well, then warm your skin with hot water in the shower, steam room, or hot bath.  Only use water with Kese; no soaps or body scrubs.  Rinse with hot water, then hang to dry.
Body Kese - Start at feet and rub vigorously upwards towards your heart.  Rub front of hands, arms, shoulders and belly.
Facial Kese -  Our uniquely designed Silk Facial Kese works wonders on the delicate facial skin and decolletete.  Wet Kese and gently sweep it up from bottom of neck, under your chin, around mouth and up to your forehead. Begin gently and pay attention to how your skin responds. Follow with Argan oil for the ultimate in hydration and softening.
Back Kese - Vigorously rub back Kese from top to bottom of back and up again.  Helps control break out of pimples and clogged pores in hard-to-reach areas.


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