Galaxy Double-Sided Cotton Active Towel®


Bluestone Import's new Galaxy Active Towel® is a soft, double-sided delightful yet bold towel that's sure to please.  Reverse colors on each side.  Quick drying, lightweight, and absorbent, the Galaxy Active Towel® will bring a smile every time you spread it out at the beach or pull it off the rack for drying after showering.  

Each side is flat-woven so sand doesn't stick like with regular terry towels.  

Ideal for Beach, Bath & Spa

Dimensions: 69" x 36"

Fabric:  100% Turkish Cotton

4 colors available

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Why Buy Our Towels & Robes? The Active Towel® collection is a premier, luxurious selection of Turkish flat woven towels (also known as peshtemal (pesh-te-mahl) ) and robes. We hand select the towels and robes for the highest quality and with a color palette that ranges from sophisticated grays to intense desert hues to delicate pastels. 

Our highly absorbent authentic Turkish peshtemal towels, hand towels and robes dry quickly, get softer with each wash and are incredibly compact. 100% Cotton or Bamboo/Cotton blends. Options range from thin and lightweight to thicker and ultra-soft.

Hello dear Customers - We have closed our showroom boutique in the old Wrigley building and are processing orders online.  Once First Fridays start again, we'll do pop-ups by our old showroom across from the Blitzer Gallery plus will do Holiday events this fall.

ORDER ONLINE with a 30% Discount.   Please call with any questions or to check on inventory.  We have many towels and robes available, plus spa kits and jewelry.

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